Piper Construction

is a family business owned by Melissa and Ben Piper which was founded in 2003. Our goal is to capitalize on our strengths as a friendly caring company which provides consistently excellent craftsmanship to each of our customers. We are a general contracting company, providing remodeling services for jobs of all sizes.

Ben has coordinated and performed every aspect of home remodeling, and is uniquely qualified to serve you as a carpenter with his gloves on and a contractor with his Blackberry coordinating subcontractors. Melissa and Ben live in Columbia Heights, MN with their two children, Oscar and Lilia.

Our mission is:

To become your life-long contractor by meeting all your remodeling needs with care that exceeds your expectations.

How do we do this?

  • We believe that. . .

  • People are important.

    Each of our customers, regardless of race, gender or any other category, deserve our full respect and are very important to us. We will respect and care for your home and work to the highest standard, because we respect and care for you as a person.

    We also care for our employees and sub-contractors, understanding and affirming that things such as family and faith take higher priority in their lives than the work of Piper Construction.

  • Trust must be earned.

    Testimonials, word of mouth references, and our portfolio build trust, but nothing can replace personal interaction and relationship which is what we pursue with each customer.

    We also entrust all of the financial information about each job to our customers with Open Book Billing, in order to remove uncertainty, answer all your questions forthrightly, and establish your trust with our transparent care of your finances.

  • Diversity is strength, and we are committed to care for all people.

    Piper Construction is a minority owned company with a commitment to diversity, because we are committed to care for and respect all people. In our employment we look for skill and potential wherever it exists acknowledging that diversity is strength.

    We are committed to respect and care for all people because there is much we can learn from each of our customers, and if we do not learn from you we cannot care for you and your home well.

  • A high standard of excellence must be achieved in the building process and the final product.

    Each subcontractor and employee who works in your home will be a licensed and insured proven professional whom we trust. We will work to exceed your standard of quality, and at the conclusion of the job you will be the final judge of excellence.

  • Open communication and availability are critical in caring for customers.

    We will make the remodeling process as transparent as possible, and we welcome all of your input as the homeowner. You will be treated with respect and we will work to understand and respond appropriately to all questions or concerns no matter how big or small.